Our team are highly motivated when delivering short term projects - we seek to establish clear objectives and firm deadlines. Our preferred working models reflect this and the majority of our engagements are very focused and short in duration (a matter of days or weeks rather than months). Longer projects are possible but our preference is to deliver these in a series of separate shorter engagements.

Whilst most engagements are short, we are also offering ongoing support services for organisations or projects that do not need a full time specialist, this may be on-site but is likely to be more economic if delivered in an off-site / remote manner.

Some sample engagements:

  • on call support during deployments
  • off-site and remote working to support overseas development teams outside normal work hours
  • short term full-time complimentary resourcing for teams with critical project deliverables
  • part-time mentoring for novice administration teams
  • full-time resource replacement during paternity, annual or long-service leave
  • standby resources for small teams with key resource dependencies