Ok, so you think you are interested in our services but you are wondering how much it is all going to cost?

Well, we are not going to post any numbers here so if your development process or delivery system is already uncontrollably hemorrhaging binary digits all over your test environments or worse your production environment then stop reading and pick up the phone! We will then gladly reveal when and how we might be of assistance and talk dollars of course.

Assuming you have a more typical engagement in mind ...

You might be surprised by this but our first recommendation is to take a step back and think of the costs and risks of not engaging our services. This will provide you with a sensible basis for comparison. You might also research some alternatives such as recruiting additional staff or engaging a local competitor. When you do this be sure to factor in all of the costs and risks associated with these approaches. Additional costs and risks to consider with the alternatives might be:

  • recruitment delays and costs
  • training costs and delays due to learning curve for an in-house incumbent
  • paying for a full time contractor or employee when you don't actually need a specialist on-site all the time
  • project delays when your key resource is on leave
  • poor test infrastructure utilisation due to manual construction or configuration drift
  • don't just replace one key resource with another, consider using us to compliment an existing capability and reduce key resource risk

We intentionally keep engagements short and aim to keep free days in every week so that we can be engaged at short notice.

Our pricing models are quite simple to avoid any lengthy quoting process. They consist of a fixed daily base rate plus an on-site (weekly) fee to cover human logisitics so all we need to establish is the location and a plan (usually in the statement of work).

For further information on our current pricing model, please contact us.